At the start of the project several sites were chosen for development, all sites were located approximately 30km from the city of Barreiras. Sites were chosen due to their proximity with each other that would allow the company to reduce costs associated with the planation establishment.

These sites were also to be interconnected with GWD Forestry developing road infrastructure between sites connecting them with Fazenda Tropical and direct access to the main asphalt highway to Salvador.  Soil condition was checked prior to acquisition of sites in order to confirm that each site maintained the recommended soil composition for the region and were suitable for the establishment of eucalyptus crops.

It was also felt at the time that the location of the sites acquired were expected to benefit from the development of a new rail system that could potentially open up the region via the new rail link to the city of Jequie to the east and the location of Bahia’s first pig iron facility being constructed within the region.

The images below show the sites acquired prior to the development of the project, and as the project finally started to progress.


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