Before the company progressed with the establishment of the projects, Bio4met was commissioned to produce independent,  site specific growth and yield projections using regional climactic data, soil data, tree density data, and reported growth rates from local growers.

This data was produced using the widely applied 3-pg model which is commonly used both for scientific and commercial forestry plantations to accurately predict potential yields. As such this report can be downloaded in the Background Reports section of this website.

At the time it was reported that eucalyptus grown in Brazil averaged productivity of 45 m3/ha.year whilst top clonal forests had been reported at reaching up to 60 m3/ ha.year (Source Celso Foelkel P&P Industry).

The full report can be downloaded in the reports section of this tab, whilst the growth projections can be viewed on the right hand side.

For the purpose of projecting an expected yield for the project at harvest GWD Forestry Ltd expected based upon the independent yield projections that it should be achievable at year 7 to obtain an MAI of 32.36m3/ha/yr these projections were published at the start of the project on the project mini site located at


Prepared using site specific data for GWD Forestry by Bio4met